White flies...be gone!

Ever since I started gardening a year ago, I have had problems with white flies destroying my plants. I have tried many different things. From yellow sticky paper, home-made pesticides, powders, and even full strength pesticides from the store. I have tried to keep my garden organic as to keep the chemicals out of my home. I figure whats the point of growing myself and then adding all the same chemicals the stores do. Unfortunately, non of these worked to get rid of these terrible flies and their larvae. I was at my wits end. Finally, I decide to make a call to my "phone a friend" for everything, Mom. I tell her what I have done and she recommends to me a mix of milk and dish soap. She explains the properties of each and says to give it a try. Well, I figured that is about as safe as anything else. Especially some of the stuff I did try. So I mixed it up in a gallon sprayer. I put about 2 tablespoons of dish detergent, 2 cups of milk and the rest water into my gallon sprayer. I have been spraying my plants that were on the verge of death. Within in a few days time, everything looked amazing. It was if they were renewed with life. All the white flies had died and their larvae too. Since we started that regimen, we have had great success with all our plants. They are all flowering and producing much better than when they were covered with these damn pesky flies. I just want to thank my Mom for her great advice, as always. Mom, without you so many things would be mind benders for me. You help me get through so much. I am so greatful to have you so close in my life. 

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