White flies...be gone!

Ever since I started gardening a year ago, I have had problems with white flies destroying my plants. I have tried many different things. From yellow sticky paper, home-made pesticides, powders, and even full strength pesticides from the store. I have tried to keep my garden organic as to keep the chemicals out of my home. I figure whats the point of growing myself and then adding all the same chemicals the stores do. Unfortunately, non of these worked to get rid of these terrible flies and their larvae. I was at my wits end. Finally, I decide to make a call to my "phone a friend" for everything, Mom. I tell her what I have done and she recommends to me a mix of milk and dish soap. She explains the properties of each and says to give it a try. Well, I figured that is about as safe as anything else. Especially some of the stuff I did try. So I mixed it up in a gallon sprayer. I put about 2 tablespoons of dish detergent, 2 cups of milk and the rest water into my gallon sprayer. I have been spraying my plants that were on the verge of death. Within in a few days time, everything looked amazing. It was if they were renewed with life. All the white flies had died and their larvae too. Since we started that regimen, we have had great success with all our plants. They are all flowering and producing much better than when they were covered with these damn pesky flies. I just want to thank my Mom for her great advice, as always. Mom, without you so many things would be mind benders for me. You help me get through so much. I am so greatful to have you so close in my life. 


The Daily Rant

While looking through my list of posts here I noticed that not all of them are too happy. The idea of this blog was to highlight how the little things in life can really be so wonderful. But life isn't always peaches and cream. So in light of that, I have decided to start a new blog. I know I already have a few, some that are completely untouched, so I should just delete them. But they will remain until a later date. Instead I have started a new blog entitled "The Daily Rant".  It can be found on my list of blogs on the right side of the page. Or you can visit it at http://mini-dailyrant.blogspot.com. I really try to be a very happy person on a daily basis, so I may not post daily, but you get the picture. I hope everyone stops by a takes a peek. I will be keeping this blog open for the "wonderful" things that still do occur in life. But now I will have a specific place to vent about the things that I am not happy about. Comments are always welcome! Oh and by the way, it is not going to be for the dainty people out there. I may curse and scream (all capitals!). LOL So I have made it so that you must click to enter for adult content. Hope that doesn't slow down my followers! LOL

Any suggestions about the blog itself are very welcome as I am no web designer.



Uncle Charlie Update

It has been awhile since I have updated on Uncle Charlie. I had been going crazy trying to find out exactly who this person was. Last week when I went to the house I felt something, but very briefly. But I did find a picture of this possible Uncle Charlie. It was tucked away in the owners closet. Is that why I wasn't feeling anything??? Who knows. So, being a little investigator now, I looked on the back of the painting to see if there were any info. Viola! There was! On the back was a piece of stationary and the name of the person in the photo. It was Uncle Charlie. In fact it read as follows...
I have found nothing that even comes close to who he is. But....Maudie, whom is the writer of this note, I did find. In fact, I also found her sisters. Maudie passed away in 2006. From reading her obituary, she was quite and amazing woman in her time. Anyway, that actually lead me nowhere. I was really wanting to know how this spirit arrived in this house. By the info I have found, there is no possible way that Uncle Charlie ever lived in this house. Which does lead me to believe that he is attached to this painting. So, how does this all make sense? Well on Monday of this week my mom went back to the house, as scheduled. Uncle Charlie's painting was back on the wall where he originally resided. This just happens to be at the landing at the bottom of the stairway, where I first felt the chills.
Through Mom's investigative work, she has found out some info also. In fact, just the info I was searching for. Basically.....who was he and how did he get here? Mom, as always, came through with shining colors. She found out from the owner that Maudie was a distant relative and that is how the painting came to be in this house, it was given to the current owner. Uncle Charlie was also a relative of the two of them. Their exact relation I can't say, but now I know how this painting of him arrived in the house.
The story of his death was also quite interesting. On the back of the painting it mentioned Tuberculosis as his cause. Come to find out that was not the case. Back in the days, Charles was a maritime courier. He somehow slipped off a dock one day and was crushed between two boats. He was rushed to the hospital where he later died from an infection that resulted from his injuries. I guess from there his spirit attached itself to the painting and has been with it ever since.

 Mom told me that the home owners children used to have to close their bedroom doors at night so that they were able to sleep because that was when Charlie normally came out. Which reinforces what Michael the eldest told me. Imagine growing up in a house your entire life and living with a spirit of a distant relative whom you have never met. WOW!! It's almost like the family sticks together....as they should, even after death.
Now I know what I know and that is very refreshing. I just hope that if I ever go back I am able to sense his presence and talk to him.